At PERMALUX, we develop safety technology solutions and products for a wide range of applications. Our expertise extends from photoluminescent products to mechanical components and electronic special solutions.

Specialisations and examples


Electronics development:
We develop electronic solutions for specific applications, e.g., in the defence sector.

Photoluminescent products:
Development of escape route markings and signage for buildings, buses, trains, and aviation.

Mechanical components:
Development of custom mechanical components according to customer requirements, such as manufacturing robust, customised housings for electrical devices that must withstand extreme environmental conditions.

Electronic special solutions:
Development of special electronic systems, such as specific electronic monitoring systems in the defence sector.


Your advantages

Extensive support


Our development services cover the entire process from specification, development, testing, documentation to certification. We offer complete solutions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Small and micro series


We specialise in the production of small and micro series, typically ranging from a single piece to several thousand pieces, depending on customer requirements and project needs.

Certifications and quality standards


Our processes meet the highest standards through our ISO 9001 certification. These standards ensure the highest quality in all development and production steps.

Product care and lifecycle management


We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire product lifecycle. This includes regular updates, adjustments, and optimisations to ensure that your safety technology products always meet current requirements and standards.
Our well-organised design and development department ensures timely processing and continuous product care to guarantee the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

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