For 30 years, PERMALUX has stood for high mains reliability and quality in emergency, safety and general lighting. Our products guarantee a permanent lighting and energy supply in emergency situations and enable people to escape safely.

Emergency and safety lighting saves lives

Emergency lighting provides a basic level of brightness in the event of a general lighting failure. In emergency situations, it ensures the safe evacuation of people by illuminating escape and rescue routes.
The installation of emergency lighting is mandatory in several environments:

  • Buildings
  • Industrial facilities
  • Public spaces
  • Public transportation

What types of emergency and safety lighting are there and what is their function?

Emergency and safety lighting for escape and rescue routes

Marking and visual conditions: Clear marking of escape and rescue routes and safety-relevant areas
Findability: Lighting makes it easier to find fire-fighting and safety equipment

Emergency and safety lighting for high-risk work areas

Work safely: Allows potentially hazardous work to be completed safely (e.g., in laboratories or electrical rooms)
Emergency egress systems: Provides visual safety guidance in the event of smoke hazards

Pre-emergency lighting for public areas with large crowds of people

Panic reduction: Reduces the risk of panic at sporting events, in halls and large conference rooms
Visual conditions: Ensures sufficient visibility to reach escape routes

Central battery systems

Central battery systems provide flexibility and safety for your lighting. They power escape and emergency signs from a central location and ensure they work in all fire compartments.

Low Power Supply Systeme

Low power systems are an easy solution for your fire compartment. These decentralized emergency lighting systems supply the emergency luminaires in a fire compartment in accordance with DIN EN 50171.

Single battery systems

Single battery systems consist of centrally monitored luminaires with integrated batteries and a monitoring control center. They independently perform predetermined tests and record the results electronically.


Our luminaires portfolio provides versatile and reliable solutions to your lighting needs. We offer a wide range of designs and features to ensure that your emergency, safety and general lighting is optimally equipped, while also fitting in with your design. We also have specialist staff on hand to provide specialist services to ensure your lighting systems are performing at their best. These include regular illuminance measurements and accurate lighting calculations.

Service and maintenance

Take advantage of our comprehensive service and maintenance for emergency and safety lighting to ensure the long-term safety of your facility.

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