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Our central battery systems (CBS) centrally supply light to safety and escape signs and ensure they operate in all fire compartments. This provides reliable lighting in the event of an emergency.

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Technology & practical benefits

Cross-fire compartment supply:
Functional integrity cables ensure reliable power supply to each fire compartment.

Flexible expansion:
Systems can be flexibly expanded via sub-distributors and substations.

Mixed operation:
Emergency and escape sign luminaires can be operated on the same circuit.

Centralised monitoring:
The status of each luminaire is displayed on the PC via web visualisation; automatic tests and storage of the results in the test logbook are included.

Modular design:
Our solutions are modular and are designed individually according to your project specifications.

Easy to maintain:
Our central battery systems are maintenance friendly and easy to service.

Battery technology:
Lithium battery technology systems

Advantages of lithium battery technology

Lithium battery technology offers many advantages over traditional battery technologies. One key advantage is that they are gas-free, which means no special ventilation systems are required, significantly reducing installation costs. Lithium batteries also have an impressive lifespan of over 15 years, reducing maintenance costs and minimising the need for frequent replacement.

Gas free:
No special ventilation systems required, significantly reducing installation costs.

Longer life:
Over 15 years, reducing maintenance costs and minimising the need for frequent replacement.

Less weight and space:
Lithium batteries are up to two-thirds lighter and more compact than conventional batteries.

Intelligent safety monitoring:
An advanced Battery Management System (BMS) continuously monitors key parameters such as temperature and voltage and protects against deep discharge and overcharging.

High efficiency:
Up to 90% of stored energy can be recovered, regardless of the duration of discharge (1hr, 3hr or 8hr).

Temperature resistant:
Lithium batteries work reliably at temperatures from -30 to +60 degrees Celsius and their life is hardly affected at temperatures up to +40 degrees Celsius.

Environmentally friendly:
No acid resistant paint required, less hazardous waste due to longer life and less frequent replacement.

Applications and uses for our central battery systems

Our central battery systems are ideal for a variety of applications:

  • Commercial buildings: Providing emergency and security lighting in office and industrial buildings
  • Public institutions: Reliable lighting for schools, hospitals and government agencies
  • Residential complexes: Ensuring escape route lighting in large residential complexes

Central battery systems provide a flexible and reliable solution for emergency lighting in a variety of applications. Our systems are easy to maintain and provide safe lighting in an emergency.

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