At PERMALUX, we offer tailor-made battery systems for various applications, based on extensive project-specific consultation and years of experience. Our battery systems guarantee reliability and safety for your power supply needs.

Definition of battery systems

PERMALUX battery systems are central elements for emergency power supply in various fields. They are essential in telecommunications, power generation, power distribution, data and alarm systems and emergency lighting.

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Our battery portfolio includes


Stationary vented lead-acid monobloc batteries and single cells (OPzS):
Stationary, low maintenance, vented lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte, suitable for long term discharge and cyclic applications

Stationary valve regulated lead-acid batteries and single cells (OPzV):
Stationary maintenance free valve regulated lead/acid battery with fixed electrolyte (GEL); ideal for high reliability and excellent cyclic performance

Stationary valve regulated AGM batteries (OGiV):
AGM technology, maintenance free, valve regulated lead acid battery with electrolyte fixed in a mat; excellent power density and high current characteristics

Stationary vented lead-acid batteries (OGI):
Stationary, low maintenance, vented lead-acid battery with liquid electrolyte; robust and reliable, ideal for high current applications

Technology and advantages

Stationary vented lead-acid batteries (OPzS):
Long service life, high cycle count, suitable for high charge and discharge loads; up to 20 years design life at 20°C ambient temperature, high operational reliability, excellent cyclic performance

Gel batteries (OPzV):
Combine vented lead-acid technology with gel electrolyte for reduced ventilation requirements and high reliability; GEL technology, up to 20 years design life at 20°C ambient temperature, robust design

AGM batteries (OGiV):
High energy density, very good high current characteristics. All designs with design life according to EUROBAT classification

OGI batteries:
Robust and reliable, particularly suitable for high current, 15-20 years design life at 20°C; Available as block battery and single cell for high current discharge as UPS battery or starting battery

Pure lead batteries:
TPPL technology, high energy and power density, very long service life, ideal for extreme conditions; Stationary, maintenance-free, valve-regulated lead-acid battery with electrolyte fixed in a mat for demanding and extreme conditions

Lithium battery systems are available for special requirements.

Applications for battery systems

PERMALUX battery systems are versatile and provide solutions for critical power applications. Our batteries are used in telecommunications, security, industrial and emergency lighting applications.

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