PERMALUX emergency power systems for improved energy security. Our systems ensure that your critical systems continue to operate in the event of a power failure. PERMALUX is able to provide you with emergency power systems that offer a reliable solution for emergency power supply.

What are emergency power systems?

Emergency power systems from PERMALUX serve as a backup during a power outage. They automatically start within a short time to maintain the power supply of vital or safety-relevant systems.

Standards and regulations for safe power supply

DIN VDE 0100-710 and VDE 0100-0718 require an emergency power supply for e.g. lifts, booster pumps and sprinkler pumps. Whether it is a containerised solution or a stationary system, we ensure that standards and regulations such as DIN 6280-13, national building regulations, fire regulations, electrical installation regulations, the Water Resources Act and the AwSV are met.

Our products

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Technology and advantages

Instant power-up:
Ensures fast, regulatory-compliant start-up of the system in the event of a power failure to protect consumers.

Individual system configurations:
We provide the right solution for you through our free supplier selection.

High-quality components:
For a reliable, high-quality, and durable backup power system.

Applications for emergency power systems

  • Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics, where continuous power supply is life-saving
  • Industry and production: Ensures the maintenance of your manufacturing processes
  • IT and data centers: Protects against data loss and system failures
  • Public institutions and private buildings: Provides security to relevant functions

Diesel powered emergency power generators

At PERMALUX, we offer versatile diesel powered emergency power generators that ensure reliable power supply in various sectors, from healthcare facilities to residential buildings. Our range includes solutions to optimally meet every requirement.

Definition of diesel powered emergency power generators

Our diesel powered emergency power generators guarantee a secure power source in various areas during a power outage. Whether stationary for on-site installation or as a mobile application, such as a container, we offer customized solutions characterized by robustness and reliability.

Applications & areas of use for diesel powered emergency power generators

Our safety systems offer solutions for every requirement, from stationary systems for room installation to container solutions. Used in:

  • Healthcare facilities
  • Industrial operations
  • Public facilities
  • Residential areas
  • Data centers
Customised implementation according to your requirements

We adapt fully to your needs and requirements, allowing any implementation within the technical possibilities and taking into account the necessary standards and regulations. PERMALUX will assist you in sizing the unit and will work with you to find the best possible solution.

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Technology and advantages


Stationary and mobile units for various applications.

Regulatory compliance:
Compliance with relevant standards and regulations to ensure a safe power supply.

Ensures a quick power supply within seconds after a power failure.

Supply duration:
The emergency power supply duration from diesel generators, whether stationary or in a container, is almost unlimited.

Security with diesel emergency generators

The German Federal Network Agency has calculated an average power outage of 10.73 minutes for 2020. Our diesel power generators provide a secure power supply within 15 seconds in the event of voltage fluctuations and power outages, protecting your critical electrical systems.

Positive operating cost trend over 10 years

A ten-year operating cost analysis confirms the undisputed leadership of the diesel generator as a dynamic backup power system.

Battery powered emergency systems

Battery powered emergency systems from PERMALUX offer a reliable and effective alternative to traditional diesel power generators. BAttery emergency systems are compact and ensure an almost uninterrupted transition to emergency power supply.

Definition of battery powered emergency systems

Battery powered emergency systems from PERMALUX are designed for use in critical situations where a quick switch to emergency power supply is required. Our uninterrupted power systems are ideal for locations with limited space.

Applications for battery powered emergency systems

RescuePack systems: Provide standard-compliant support for systems with high starting currents, such as smoke protection pressure systems or sprinkler pumps
RescueStar systems: Dynamic systems for supplying safety-relevant systems, ensuring operation without delays during a power outage
General safety applications: Ideal for applications where rapid response to power failure is critical, such as RDA systems or firefighter lifts

Technology and advantages


Virtually uninterrupted power supply:
Transition to emergency power within one second.

Compact size:
Ideal for locations with limited space.

No emissions:
No environmental impact due to emissions from battery backed up power, therefore these systems are not subject to regulations such as TA-Luft.

Compliance with all regulations:
When designing your battery back-up system, we take into account all technical possibilities and the relevant standards and regulations for safety-critical loads.

Space-saving backup power system:
When structural alterations or costly renovations are to be avoided, battery-powered standby systems are the ideal solution due to their compact size.

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