Essential orientation aids for safety in darkness


Photoluminescent markings from PERMALUX are crucial for providing clear guidance in emergency situations, especially during power outages or smoke-filled rooms. They enhance the visibility of escape routes and critical safety equipment, significantly contributing to overall safety.

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Product features and advantages

The photoluminescent markings from PERMALUX bring a variety of essential features for many practical applications.

Long-lasting visibility
The markings store light energy and release it over a long period in darkness. This guarantees that escape route markings and safety instructions remain clearly visible even in total darkness.

Versatile applications
Whether on stair treads, handrails, walls, or doors, our photoluminescent markings can be used in various ways to enhance orientation and safety in any building.

Durability and low maintenance
Made from high-quality materials, our markings are extremely resistant to mechanical influences, chemicals, and weather conditions, ensuring longevity and minimal maintenance requirements.

Easy installation
The installation of our markings is simple and requires no special tools or expertise, facilitating their integration into existing safety concepts.

Applications for our photoluminescent markings

Photoluminescent markings are indispensable in a wide range of environments, including public buildings, industrial facilities, entertainment venues, hotels, and schools, where they play a critical role in ensuring safety and guiding people.

Photoluminescent stair edge profiles

Maximum safety at every step


Our aluminium stair edge profiles can be equipped with photoluminescent strips with anti-slip coating, enhancing orientation even in darkness and reducing the risk of tripping, thereby preventing accidents. The aluminium profiles can be cut to fit any stair width as needed.

Applications for our photoluminescent stair edge profiles

Ideal for use in environments with high safety requirements, such as emergency exit routes in hotels, hospitals, schools, and industrial facilities, where clear marking of stair edges is crucial for evacuation safety.

Product features and advantages


Outstanding luminance
Using high-quality luminous pigments, we can adjust the brightness of the product according to customer requirements. The aluminium profiles are available in various designs.

Durability and quality
Tested for continuous use to ensure our photoluminescent stair edge profiles withstand high loads and various environmental conditions without losing luminance.

Variable installation
The stair edge profile allows the integration of two photoluminescent strips on the front edge and tread surface, ensuring the entire step is always visible.

Photoluminescent floor markings

Precise safety guidance in any environment


We use high-quality luminous pigments for all our photoluminescent products. These pigments absorb light energy and release it in darkness or smoke as yellow-green light.

Applications for our photoluminescent floor markings

Our markings have proven particularly effective in complex building layouts such as warehouses, underground car parks, industrial facilities, or ships. Photoluminescent floor markings help people quickly and reliably find the right path.

Product features and advantages


Application-specific shapes and designs
Available in various shapes, colours, and symbols, such as arrows or warning signs, to meet different safety requirements according to applicable regulations.

Anti-slip technology
Our photoluminescent floor markings are designed for intensive use and resist abrasion, water, and chemicals, making them ideal for industrial floors, stair treads, and outdoor areas.

Flexibility in installation
PERMALUX photoluminescent floor markings can be applied to various substrates and floors, including concrete, metal, or even grating.

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