Power supply systems from PERMALUX enable reliable protection for critical infrastructures. Our tailored solutions ensure continuous operational safety and meet strict legal requirements to safely and controlledly shut down processes in the event of a power failure.

Definition of power supply systems

Power supply systems from PERMALUX provide a secure, reliable energy source for critical areas where a power failure can cause significant financial losses or even pose risks to life. Our systems comply with legal regulations and are designed for a variety of sensitive applications.

Our products

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Technology and advantages

Individually configured solutions:
Tailored to specific requirements and conditions.

Legally compliant safety:
Compliance with all relevant DIN/EN standards and VDE regulations.

Robust and reliable technology:
Our systems use advanced technologies to ensure long service life and minimal maintenance requirements, reducing overall operating costs.

All-inclusive solution:
From consultancy to planning, implementation and maintenance - all from a single supplier.

Applications for power supply systems

UPS systems: Ensure uninterrupted power supply for critical consumers in areas with unstable grid supply
BSV systems: Specifically designed for the medical sector to guarantee safe and reliable power supply
DC power supply: Provides outage safety for sensitive infrastructures through temporarily limited, grid-independent supply
Chargers & inverters: Support a wide range of applications in industry, transport, and leisure

UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply)

Secure your critical systems with UPS systems from PERMALUX. Ensure uninterrupted and reliable power supply during voltage fluctuations or outages. Trust our expertise from planning to maintenance to achieve optimal performance and safety.

Definition of UPS systems

UPS systems (uninterruptible power supply systems) from PERMALUX ensure continuous power supply during grid anomalies or outages. Our systems are supported by battery systems and reliably supply safety-relevant areas with power, avoiding operational interruptions.

Applications for UPS systems

PERMALUX UPS systems are suitable for a wide range of applications, from data centres to industrial operations with critical systems such as IT. Our solutions are adaptable to the technical requirements, desired availability and specific conditions of the installation site.

Technology and advantages


Individual consultation and tailored solutions
for every requirement

Modern UPS technologies
for maximum outage safety and efficiency

Extensive selection options
according to your specific needs and site requirements

BSV systems (battery-supported power supply)

PERMALUX offers complete solutions for BSV systems, specialised for the needs of medical facilities. Our BSV systems provide a constant and safe power supply to maintain the functionality of medical electrical equipment.

Definition of BSV systems

BSV systems from PERMALUX are battery-supported power supply systems specifically designed for use in medical environments. They meet the stringent requirements of DIN VDE 0558-507 and ensure that medical electrical devices continue to be reliably powered during any grid anomaly.

Applications and areas of use for BSV systems

Hospitals and medical practices: Ensuring power supply for vital medical devices
Operating rooms: Special BSV systems for secure supply of operating lights
Medical rooms: Compact BSV systems provide standard-compliant emergency power for medical equipment

Technology and advantages


Norm compliant design:
Designed in accordance with DIN VDE 0558-507, taking into account the maximum permissible individual transformer and total isolation transformer capacities

Meeting the highest demands
According to requirements for selectivity, bridging time, approved battery types, and installation location

Ensures a secure power supply for medical electrical devices during any grid anomaly

DC power supply

PERMALUX offers highly reliable DC power supply systems, suitable for areas where uninterrupted power supply is essential, such as railway and traffic systems as well as industrial applications.

Definition of DC power supply

The DC power supply from PERMALUX includes essential components like rectifiers, batteries, and DC distribution, which together ensure a continuous and reliable energy supply. These systems are designed to maintain the power supply of critical systems during grid disturbances.

Applications and areas of use for DC power supply

Power and substations: Ensuring supply security in critical infrastructures
Railway and traffic systems: Reliable power supply for maintaining operations
Industrial applications: Continuous energy supply for production lines and critical processes
Telecommunications: Ensuring operational security of communication networks

Technology and advantages


Thyristor-controlled rectifiers:
Robust technology with microprocessor monitoring, perfect for long-lasting durability and high failure safety.

Primary switched rectifiers:
Enable a flexible and compact power concept; the modular design results in systems with the highest availability (N+1 technology) and expandability.

Customised DC distribution setup:
Adapt to the specific needs and size of equipment installations, with options for cross-coupling and DC/DC conversion.

Chargers and inverters

PERMALUX offers state-of-the-art charger and inverter solutions optimised for a wide range of battery types and electrical loads. Our intelligent systems increase the efficiency and lifetime of your batteries and secure the power supply of your critical applications.

Definition of chargers and inverters

PERMALUX chargers are designed to extend the life and cost effectiveness of batteries. Our inverters convert DC power into stable and sinusoidal AC power to reliably supply electrical loads.


Industrial applications: Reliable power for stationary battery systems, industrial trucks and emergency power systems
IT and telecommunications: Secure power for server rooms, network equipment and communications facilities
Mobile and maritime applications: Powering vehicles, boats and mobile systems

Technology and advantages


Sinusoidal inverters:
Ensure clean and stable power for sensitive equipment

Customisable systems:
Individually configurable for different requirements and applications

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